Horror Games Celebration Fear Fest Approaches

“Feardemic’s Fear Fest 2022: Black Summer Edition will be a celebration of all things horror and an unforgettable experience for horror game fans worldwide.”

Hosted by the game developer Feardemic, Fear Fest: Black Summer is a chance for horror game developers and publishers to showcase trailers, interviews, and gameplay. The event features upcoming titles such as Choo-Choo Charles, Greyhill Incident, Slay the Princess, and Yomawari: Lost in the Dark. Along for the spooky ride are a host of content creators sharing let’s plays of presented games.

What’s fun about Fear Fest compared to other gaming showcases, aside from the horror focus, is the included narrative. On their Steam announcement, Feardemic states that the broadcast will contain “story segments in the style of a found-footage horror film, to tie everything together.”

I love what Feardemic is doing. Not only is Fear Fest a free and entertaining way for gamers to discover new titles, it’s also an opportunity for indie developers to display their work and grow their audience. From what I can tell, this aligns closely with Feardemic’s goals.

There are currently 51 games featured on the website, but I expect more to come as the team works through the 70+ submissions. For the full game list and event details, visit the Fear Fest website. The broadcast begins September 6th.

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