Lovecraftian Sherlock Holmes Drops on Kickstarter

“What started as a trivial disappearance case, led to a mind-shattering discovery that we are not alone in this universe and that there are beings far more powerful and ancient than we could ever imagine. Now Sherlock must expose the cult and thwart its ominous plans, or face unspeakable consequences.”

Ukrainian developer Frogwares has launched Sherlock Holmes The Awakened on Kickstarter. Known for their Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series and the Lovecraftian horror game, The Sinking City, this project blends the two properties and pits young Sherlock against a Cthulhu worshipping cult.

The Awakened was originally released as a standalone Sherlock story in 2006 to positive reviews. Adventure Gamers named it the 80th best adventure game ever released, writing, “With plenty of blood, dead bodies, and evidence of evil practices, the game does an excellent job of creating a creepy, ominous atmosphere.”

In 2021, Frogwares released Sherlock Holmes Chapter One as an origin story for the renowned detective. It follows a young Sherlock returning home after the death of his mother. After realizing something isn’t right, he investigates the case while simultaneously piecing together his own repressed memories.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

With The Awakened on Kickstarter, Frogware aims to remake their 2006 Sherlock adventure from the ground up. The story is being rewritten as a direct continuation of their young Sherlock arc from Chapter One, setting Holmes and Watson on their first joint case.

The game will be a semi-open world, spanning five distinct locations. On their Kickstarter page, Frogware states, “Most areas will feature hub-like designs with side quests and other activities.” As you traverse the world, you investigate crimes connected to an eldritch cult. To solve these cases, you explore the map, interrogate witnesses, and utilize the brilliant mind of a genius detective. Of course, as with any proper Lovecraft inspired game, you must be wary of that mind as well. Frogware writes, “The Awakened will feature mind-bending insanity puzzles that will get you to question reality. The idea here is to depict Sherlock’s descent into madness as he gets closer to revealing the existence of supernatural eldritch beings.”

The developers appear to be heading in a great direction. The mechanics are interesting, the world ominous, and the story engaging. The Awakened passed it’s goal of $71,658 in about 6 hours after launch and continues to climb steadily. If you liked their previous titles or the sounds of this one, support Sherlock Holmes The Awakened before the campaign ends.

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